Secure Code Training for Developers

The 2024 cybersecurity training must-have

The biggest threat to your cybersecurity is your own developers' blindspots. That's why Cydril Sergeant's award-winning e-learning environment equips your developers with the secure code best practices they need to beat hackers at their own game.

A lot learned. Need to work on my thought process, validate input/output and never assume.

Participant at a Global Industrial Automation Company

Wetzlar, Germany

I have been coding for 15 years and never thought I would still come across such important security cornerstones.

Open session participant

Stockholm, Sweden

The platform is very entertaining, holds your hand through the learning process.

Open session participant

Stockholm, Sweden

It's not a question of if a cyber attack will target your business, but when

Every 40 seconds, a business falls prey to cyber attacks.
How do you know that you won't be next?


Businesses can’t keep sacrificing security for features and speed

With increasingly shorter lead times, constantly changing requirements, and fiercer competition than ever, developers are under pressure to constantly deliver software as fast as possible.

  • Most software developers have not undergone secure code training and include the same vulnerabilities in code over and over
  • Neither developers nor application security teams have time to check huge amounts of code to find bugs
  • As a result, companies rely heavily on tools like firewalls, antivirus, intrusion detection, endpoint protection, SAST, DAST, etc

Using cybersecurity tools and automation isn't enough

Automation and cybersecurity tools are supposed to reduce the workload for developers and application security staff by scanning, detecting, and mitigating software vulnerabilities, however:

  • Studies show that these tools can only discover 45% of overall vulnerabilities
  • They can also produce false positives*, leading to unnecessary concern, delays, and rework
  • …or even worse, *false negatives’, creating an extremely dangerous false sense of security

The true cost of bugs for your company

It only takes a single, exploitable software vulnerability for a hacker to cause irreparable damage to a business.

  • The average cost of a data breach is now USD 4.24 million
  • Lost business (customer turnover and the cost of acquiring new clients) accounts for 38% of data breach costs
  • 60% of companies go out of business within six months of experiencing a cyberattack

Your dev team keeps writing software vulnerabilities into code & they don't even know it

That's why CydrilSergeant upskills your developers with secure code training so they can become your business' first line of defense against the disastrous financial, legal, and reputational damages of cyberattacks


Cydrill Sergeant makes secure coding second nature

  • Hands-on drills and real-life case studies
  • Up-to-date, extensive expert content on secure coding practices, challenges, and industry insights
  • Frequent updates to courseware content based on new incidents and novel vulnerabilities

Your team will actually enjoy using it

  • Our gamified team player interface makes it fun and engaging to learn secure coding
  • We use team-sport metrics to motivate learners to keep going and share helpful knowledge, while helping managers identify experts and those who need more help
  • experts and those who need more help The “Drill Sergeant* IDE plugin guides learners through each lab exercise and keeps track of their progress

It fits organically into your team's workflow

  • Learning materials can be customized to specific needs (standards, guidelines, project focus, environments, verticals)
  • Our cloud-based, on-demand lab environment was designed by developers, for developers
  • Drills take place in the habitat where software developers carry out their everyday work (no need for any additionalsoftware installation)

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  • E-learning subscription for sustained readiness
  • Discussion and insights into the hacker mindset
  • Hands-on practice, lab exercises using live drills
  • Case studies based on high-profile hacks

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