People over tools: the key to real software security

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Most business leaders aren’t aware that they have a crucial blindspot — their own developers lack of secure coding skills. Software developers are not trained to write secure software and often introduce the same vulnerabilities in code over and over.

On top of that, they’re under a huge amount of pressure to release new software as fast and as frequently as possible. As a result, businesses often prioritize new features and UX improvements over security, making it easy for even the most mediocre of hackers to gain access to sensitive data.

Cyberattacks increased by 40% across industries all over the world in 2021 alone. In the face of rising risks, sacrificing security for speed and ease-of-use is no longer sustainable.

It’s no longer a question if your business will be attacked, but when, and how bad the consequences will be if you are not prepared.

Download this eBook to discover:

  • The software security risks your organization faces
  • Why development teams are not equipped to face them
  • The true cost of software bugs to companies
  • Real case studies highlighting the root of the issue
  • How to secure the whole software development lifecycle
  • Our top tips for creating a culture of secure coding practices

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