Turn your product's security into an asset.

Outmaneuver 99% of your competition with preventative cyber security that fortifies your brand and product.

Combine learning and development success with brand value.

Engage gamified expert trainings that are proven to be highly approved, relevant and entertaining for deep technical audience.

Advance your programming skill set.

Prevent 80% of your security vulnerabilities by mastering how not to code.

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For business leaders and managers

who anticipate risk

For HR professionals and Learning and Developments experts

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For developers

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Compliance, advanced security, and a competitive edge

> Prevent Security Risks

Prevent costly and brand damaging security breaches. Integrate security best practices into every line of your code from the get-go

> Sustain Seamless Uptime

Limit business interruptions and system downtime with watertight application and software security

> Engineer Organic Code Security

Enhance your product’s security beyond system infrastructure by preventing exploitable vulnerabilities in every single line of code

> Gain a Competitive Advantage

Do-it-right-always culture ensures your code organically meets advanced security standards without adding additional time to development sprints

> Reinforce Your Brand and Product Integrity

Prevent compromised user data and damaging publicity with a solid code foundation, secure coding best practices and up-to-the-minute defense mechanisms

> Secure Compliance

Implement a sustainable, long standing solution using blended learning that automatically goes above and beyond industry compliance

Strategic business value, engaging trainings, and competitive brand security

> Conquer Tech Trainings

Enlist an agile tech training for developers that is highly engaging, enthusiastically approved by its audience and immediately actionable

> Become a strategic business partner

Add high impact value with a program that lowers your company’s security risk and exposure by implementing a Do-it-right-always culture mindset and skill set

> Enhance Employer Branding

Attract skilled programmers by integrating an engaging and technically approved training in a highly in-demand area

> Engage a Comprehensive Training Process

Book a blended learning course that combines an emotional engagement with the material and mindset with the practical application of secure coding practices

> Ally Yourself with Experts

Up-to-date and relevant tech content developed and taught by tech experts with over a decade of experience in code security and corporate educational services

> Gain a Competitive Advantage

Organically integrate code security standards above and beyond 99% of your competitors, without additional development time commitment

Advanced technical trainings, a competitive skill set and continuous further development

> Train in a New Skill Set with Expert Delivery

Master highly in-demand skills in a technically advanced agile training led by code security experts with over a decade of experience in the field

> Gain a Competitive Edge

Develop a preventative mindset that ensures the advanced security of every line of code, without adding more testing time to your sprint

> Experience Enhanced Training

A blended learning method combines a thorough presentation of today’s security landscape with highly gamified lab exercises

> Access Technically Advanced Content

Find a highly technical course covering current security standards including OWASP Top 10, CWE, SANS Top 25 and more in JAVA, C#, C++, and Python

> Combat Real Life Hacks

Master how to prevent security breaches in an e-classroom setting continuously updated with situations based on relevant, high-profile hacks

> Master Cyber security Effectively

Immerse yourself in a Do-it-right-always Culture (DIRAC) to make secure coding second nature

Blended Learning Journey

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CydrillSergeant – the award-winning learning experience that delivers

Our learning environment has been recognized by CIOReview Europe – Cydrill was awarded the reputable Top Gamification Solution Provider title in 2021. CydrillSergeant supports the team sport nature of secure coding to engage developers, both individually and in a team.


Top 20 companies shaping the cyber landscape

Recognized by Enterprise Security, Cydrill is proud to be one of few great corporations shaping the cyber landscape. At the forefront of cyber security solutions, our blended learning journey promotes proactive security and effective coding practices for developers.

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Our Founders

Making secure coding second nature, one training at a time.

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László Drajkó
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Ernő Jeges
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Robert Z. Budafoki