About us

Making secure coding second nature


Just like our bodies need an immune system, our software needs organic protection.

In the age of IoT, corporate digitization and AI, this protection in cyber reality becomes more important with every passing day. Unless all lines of code are developed with security in mind, we risk losing control over our digital future.

And this is the reason Cydrill came to life.


In the human body, defense is woven into each cell — we aim to mimic this system in each line of code, to make programs organically more resistant to attacks. However, creating a built-in “software immune system” requires developers to adopt a radically new mindset.

Enhanced security can be achieved by developing secure coding literacy with a continuous learning journey that is intellectually challenging, emotionally engaging and invaluable in terms of writing secure code.



We help you embed secure coding skills in your organization through a blended learning journey.

Gamified lab exercises assist in the acquisition of best practices so that the coding mistakes that lead to vulnerabilities can be avoided in the future. Secure coding as a discipline implies continuous practice, so we provide a platform for cyber security drills tailored to programmers.


Beyond the code

Cydrill helps your developers to think like hackers using hands-on lab exercises, learning through gamified practice, and real-world scenarios which put all the theory into action.



Real-life scenarios

Online learning experience


It promotes learning in the Flow of Work – the drills keep your team of developers up-to-date with the most current security risks while adapting to your business’s needs.


Our e-learning system a familiar environment ideal for developers to perfect their skills and caters for businesses’ needs flexibly.


We help developers achieve their goals together whilst playfully engaging individuals with the team-sport nature of secure coding.

Meet the Founders

László Drajkó

After over two decades of experience executing go-to-market and sales strategies for medium to large-scale tech companies including Microsoft and Graphisoft, today Laszlo works with Cydrill as head of partnerships, working to support the effective training of secure coders in the Americas and Europe.

Ernő Jeges

Ernesto is a seasoned security professional with ten years of experience educating software professionals and security champions on secure coding practices in C/C++, Java, C#, Python and many other languages and platforms. As Cydrill’s founder and lead instructor he continues his work helping programmers master preventative coding best practices in engaging and highly technical live trainings.

Robert Z. Budafoki

For over 20 years, Robert built his career engineering successful business development strategies for Fortune 500 companies including Cisco and Telekom. At Cydrill, his experience in corporate partnerships supports the development of technical trainings that are tailored to the needs of large-scale organizations around the world.