Learning Journey

Our mission is for secure coding to become second nature for developers. By combining hands-on skills with an understanding of the hacking mindset, our blended learning journey offers instantly actionable best-practices. Participants begin with their preferred way of studying: through the e-learning subscription, or the live / online instructor-led training.


Pre-Course Assessment

The pre-course phase draws a baseline – this is where the learning journey starts. It puts the experience in context while boosting motivation for broadening the participant’s existing skillset.


Live / Online Instructor-led Trainings with Lab Exercises

Each course is activated with a live training session, where participants develop a deep connection with the subject and gain practical skills.

The origin and consequences of insecure code

We discuss the typical programming mistakes and all the false assumptions that lead to vulnerabilities, how and why hackers exploit them and what happens when they do. This effectively motivates developers to employ best practices and thus improve software and application security.

Lab exercises and case studies

Our hands on lab exercises and gamified practice turn theoretical understanding into actionable skills. In order to foster retention and learn from the mistakes of others, we discuss real-life case studies where the developers’ new-found secure coding skills could have prevented a security breach.

Devoted self-learners may receive the same, identical course content through the e-learning subscription as in section 4.


Post-course Qualification

These elective steps are designed to measure the progress of participants after the live classroom training is complete.

Tracking and assessing progress

The ability to demonstrate a deep understanding of the discussed subjects is essential for participants. Moreover, business leaders and Learning & Development professionals need to be able to measure and track progress. As education continues through our blended learning journey, developers can confirm the knowledge they gained through post-course qualification assessments. Quizzes, drills, and further challenges in the same lab environment are involved in this test. Passing grants a formal title of qualification in the course curriculum, successful participants can also access the live-score based readiness program and the Certification – through the e-learning subscription.

Gamified certification process

Cydrill Certified Secure Coder titles in certain programming languages are earnt in the Certification phase by completing continuous drills and maintaining a live score. Once reaching a threshold, the participant is automatically certified. Scores are aging over time, so refreshing and completing previous labs again and new drills to reinforce the knowledge and reach the certification threshold is paramount.

This gamified certification process catches and holds participants’ attention and ensures that developers are up to date with cyber security threats and well-prepared to implement protective best-practices. The dashboard provides an overview and gives leaders control over achievements within smaller groups and the whole company.

Cydrill Certificate of Attendance

Proof of successful participation in a specific secure coding training.

Cydrill Qualified Professional

Proving that an attendee participated in a specific training and successfully tested in the exam related to that particular course material.

Cydrill Certified Secure Coder

An elevated level of a Qualified Professional, who joined the continuous learning journey through e-learning subscription, and earned an appropriate amount of live-scores annually to prove a sustained level of readiness in the given technology.
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E-Learning Subscription for sustained readiness

Up-to-date practice drills

Ensuring application security is a constant battle against attackers. Regular practice is essential, but it is even more crucial to prepare for any new cyber assault methods on time. In our e-learning subscription, we are giving access to practice drills, new theories & case studies – while also sharing emerging best-practices to tackle recent exploits. The e-learning content subscription provides knowledge and ways for software developers to skill up. This can be used instantly as hands-on lab exercises, also known as drills.

Coding as a team sport

Cydrill’s e-learning subscription was created to provide a foundation to corporate secure coding readiness programs. It has been designed to be engaging not only to individuals, but also for the development team as a whole. Live-score rating measures progress and fuels motivation through gamification. Individual results are shown can be compared to the whole team’s progression. This is not to be confused with a leaderboard, as our dashboard promotes the team-sport nature of secure coding (as opposed to individual competition). The very same metrics also serve as the basis to our certification program for professionals.

Our e-learning subscription stands on two key components: a simulation context called “DrillCamp” and the “Cydrill Sergeant” learning environment that takes the trainee to their natural habitat, their Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It enables for a comfortable learning experience with the toolsets that are in regular use. Ultimately, it is designed to create immediate impact and actionable attainment of more secure coding habits.