A deep dive into AI security with Balázs Kiss

AI security

Question everything you knew about AI - AI security at We Are Developers World Congress!

Get ready to unmask the hidden face of Artificial Intelligence, AI security, with Cydrill Software Security’s lead trainer, Balázs Kiss, at the We Are Developers World Congress in Berlin!

We all know AI is the talk of the town. It’s beating world champions in games, conjuring up works of art that would make the Old Masters jealous, and even penning code that could outwit the best of programmers. But have you ever wondered what lurks in the shadows of these intelligent machines and how easily they can be broken?

Balázs Kiss, with his wealth of over 15 years in cybersecurity as a security tester, secure coding trainer, and contributor to several international software security research projects, is all set to shed light on the dark corners of AI at the We Are Developers World Congress. His presentation, “A hundred ways to wreck your AI – the (in)security of machine learning systems”, is sure to open your eyes to the maze of threats and vulnerabilities that AI systems are exposed to.


Why You Can’t Miss This?

  • Get to grips with the terrifying reality of how AI systems can be manipulated.
  • Understand the importance of securing the software that drives AI.
  • Learn from Balázs Kiss’s invaluable experience and knowledge.
  • Witness a mind-blowing live demo.
  • Know what it takes to trust the AI systems you use every day. 

A Glimpse of What’s in Store: Balázs Kiss will take you on a riveting 30-minute journey through the AI threat landscape, dissecting the security of machine learning systems.

  • Learn about the intriguing exploits hackers are using to compromise AI systems.
  • Discover how interference can cause self-driving cars to miss stop signs, security cameras to turn a blind eye, chatbots to spill secrets, and Twitter bots to go rogue!
  • Find out if ChatGPT is ready to rule the roost or be used as a pawn in the game of robotic hacking.
  • See this all put into practice in a 5-minute live demo showcasing an attack on an AI system using ART (Adversarial Robustness Toolbox).
  • Grasp the gravity of securing AI supply chains and the vulnerabilities they possess.
  • Understand AI’s double-edged sword – the potential for both securing and breaching software.
  • Get insight into what the future holds for AI security.

Caution: This session may just have you question everything you thought you knew about AI!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join Balázs Kiss as he uncovers the vulnerabilities hiding within our seemingly invincible AI systems.

Save the date and be there as Balázs Kiss cracks open the Pandora’s Box of AI insecurities at the We Are Developers Event in Berlin!