The six rules of secure software development

Download our free eBook and secure your software from the ground up. Learn to integrate critical security measures early in development with our six proven rules for reducing vulnerabilities and enhancing protection.

Welcome to the first step towards mastering secure software development! As the digital world grows, so does the complexity of threats from cybercriminals. Statistics from the Department of Homeland Security indicate that 90% of security incidents stem from flaws in software design or code. However, with the right knowledge and tools, developers can effectively shield their applications from such vulnerabilities.

Introducing the eBook: “The Six Rules of Secure Software Development”. This guide equips you with the crucial strategies needed to integrate security into your software development lifecycle, dramatically reducing risks and remediation costs.

Download this eBook to discover:

  • Shift Left Approach: Understand the significance of integrating security early in the development process and how it can drastically reduce costs and enhance the security posture.
  • Adopting a Secure Development Lifecycle: Learn about the established frameworks like MS SDL, BSIMM, and OWASP SAMM, and how they guide the integration of security practices throughout the development lifecycle.
  • From Reaction to Prevention: Discover why a proactive security stance—anticipating and preventing security issues—is superior to reactive measures.
  • Mindset Over Mechanism: Find out why the security mindset among your team members is more crucial than any single technology or tool in protecting against cyber threats.
  • How to secure the whole software development lifecycle
  • Our top tips for creating a culture of secure coding practices

Download your copy today equip yourself or your team with the knowledge to not just code, but code securely.

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