Work from home on improving cyber security

Work from home

All managers are challenged to make the most of the fact that developers are working from home. Here are some hints.

The times of Covid-19 forced a kind of isolation on us, and many of us work in home office. How does so-called social distancing affect collaboration? How this will impact our teams, we don’t know yet. Coping with the new situation is a challenge for software developers as well. Even though they only need a good computer and a stable Internet connection for work from home jobs, lack of face-to-face interaction inevitably slows down any development project.

There is a remarkable amount of uncertainty about how long it will take until things get back to normal. But note that time will not be on your side when people are back in the office. Suddenly everything will become urgent again, leaving no time for some important issues. It is a chance to take this special time we have been given and use it for something we had always needed to do, but never could afford the time for. In the future, cyber security will be even more important. In troubled times hackers are more desperate, and engineers are more pressured. It is another sign of disasters to come in cyberspace. So, let’s prepare for it this time. Let’s use this unique opportunity while people work from home to gain indispensable knowledge in secure coding. Let’s refocus in home office and engage in a collective learning experience through online training.

The stakes of secure software development are as high as ever. Unless you develop all lines of code with security in mind, there is a good chance that the system you develop will be hacked. You don’t just risk losing business, but something more painful: reputation. In general, cyber security is a team sport, but a special kind that we can play even when we are apart. So our offer is to play to win – through training all developers on how to write secure code.

Work from home on improving cyber security

OK, so here is how it goes.

Aligned to the fact that most developers work from home these days, we start the journey with a live online training. We have broken our standard 3-day classroom courses to 4 or 6 hour online sessions – as appropriate to your teams’ home office schedule –, and these are presented remotely and live by our trainers. This initial stage takes a couple of days and ensures emotional engagement to the subject. After this, participants will keep receiving additional material that they can digest individually, at their own pace and leisure.

And now the best part: both of these stages come with hands-on labs that are to be executed in the same lab environment, powered by our cutting edge Cydrill Sergeant learning platform. This tool integrates into most popular IDEs and helps participants to complete the lab exercises individually. It supports independent online training with built-in goals and hints. Trainees can thus dictate their own pace and monitor their skills mastery by tracking time and the number of hints used, which comes in handy especially when working from home.

Please have a look at our portfolio in Java, C/C++, C# and Python secure coding. Pick the class that fits your team best.

Drop us a mail if you are a product owner and want to have a short demo. Have a thrilling experience from the first row!