How We Train

Our mission is for secure coding to become second nature for developers. By combining practical skills with an understanding of the hacking mindset, our blended learning journey begins with actionable instructor led live trainings followed up with e-learning practice.


Pre-Course Assessment and
Post-Course Qualification

These optional book-end steps are designed to measure the progress of participants after the live classroom training is complete.


Instructor Led Live Classroom Trainings with Lab Exercises

Each course is activated with a live training session, where participants develop a deep connection with the material and gain practical skills.

The origin and consequences of insecure code:

We discuss the typical programming mistakes and all the false assumptions that lead to vulnerabilities, how and why hackers exploit them and what happens when they do. This effectively motivates developers to employ best practices and thus improve software and application security.

Lab exercises and case studies:

Our hands on lab exercises and gamified practice turn theoretical understanding into actionable skills. In order to foster retention and learn from the mistakes of others, we’ll discuss real live case studies where the developers’ newfound secure coding skills could have prevented a security breach.


Follow-Up E-Learning Subscription

After the training, organizations and participants can license Cydrill’s e-learning subscription, which is continuously updated with current hacking scenarios, so developers can practice and keep up to date with the latest security requirements.